Manufacturer thermal labels, cash register rolls, brand labels for trade, logistics and production.

We produce consumables on a thermal basis (thermal tape, thermal rolls, thermal labels), branded self-adhesive labels of any standard and non-standard sizes, incl. with applying preprints, logos and other information using flexographic printing. We also make OPP and CPP bags.

About us

″ SIA LaTTrust ″ in the Latvian market since 1999 and today is recognized as a serious company that specializes in the production and wholesale of packaging materials and not only.
A big plus is that we offer our clients any kind of logistics, and most importantly, we do it with high quality.
Today we are trusted by more than 1000 of our partners (manufacturing companies, wholesale companies, shops and hypermarkets), both in Latvia and abroad. It is with the help of partners that we develop and do everything possible to make your work and life more convenient, stable and easier.


Paper products


ECO trade label, Pre-printed trade label, TOP logistic label, Vellum, PP, PE brand label, Marking tape.

Thermal tape:

Cash (receipt) tape, thermal tape with the company logo, thermal rolls for ATMs, Q-matic system tape, custom-made consumables.

Printing services

One of the most relevant types of high-quality printing is flexo printing. The so-called flexography is performed using special printing plates and liquid fast-drying inks, which are securely attached to various surfaces, usually flexible materials. Flexographic printing provides the ability to apply a colorful, rich, saturated image.

Packaging production


We offer OPP, CPP bags that can be made in a wide range of sizes, all available with flexo printing. Bags with your logo print – perfectly perform an advertising function, it is a simple, inexpensive and affordable way to tell about yourself and indicate your personality.

We produce bags in different quantity as well.



Working hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00-16:00 Hrs

We are here:

"LaTTrust" SIA
Meldru iela 1, Liepāja, Latvija, LV-3401.
Phone: +371 22318318

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